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Sonic 2 SMTP

Sonic 2 SMTP

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Sonic 2 SMTP

  • Descrição
    • Features

      * Knuckles is playable
      * Starpost Bonus Stage
      * Special Stage ring
      * 2P only zones
      * Easy, Normal, and Hard Difficulties
      * Options Zone


      Levels in same order as played: (Some levels have yet to be named)

      * Casino Night Zone
      * Ice Cap Zone(3 act)(Hill Top Zone)
      * Green Greens Zone (Emerald Hill zone)
      * Aquatic Ruins Zone
      * Aquatic Mine Zone (Mystic Cave Zone)
      * Big Shell Zone (Oil Ocean Zone)
      * Toxic Factory Zone (Chemical Plant Zone)
      * Metropolis Zone(3 act)
      * Sky Chase Zone
      * Wing Fortress Zone
      * Death Egg Zone(3 act)

      2P Zones

      * Green Greens Zone
      * Casino Night Zone
      * Aquatic Mine Zone
      * Green Fields Zone