Bleach vs Naruto 1.8 hacked/cheats

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Jogar Bleach vs Naruto 1.8 hacked/cheats Gratis Online
Nome do Jogo: Bleach vs Naruto 1.8 hacked/cheats
Descrição do Jogo:
The hot fighting game Bleach Vs Naruto 1.8 is coming again. In this new build you can play with the new character Sabaku No Gaara and other 3 new characters. I have can’t waiting for fight with them. Let’s start.
Click on the flash game to make sure it’s selected. Then use WASD and J to select character.
Default button:
= Player 1 =
S Defense
J attack
K jump
L sprint
U Far attack
I slay
O summon assistance
= Player 2==
Arrow keys to move
Down Key Defense
1 attack
2 hops
3 sprint
4 Far attack
5 kill
6 summon assistance
Rubbing strokes: S + J, W + J, S + U, W + U, S + I, W + I
Quiet step: S + L, W + L
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