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Silver Sonic The Revenge
Silver Sonic The Revenge
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Super Mario Flash Collection [Flash]

Silver Sonic The Revenge

  • Descrição:
    • A hack made by Roebloz Based on Sonic 1

      Regular Credits:

      Roebloz: Hack idea, level design, main sprite editing, instrument editing, zone naming, main media stuff.
      TheLesha: Technical Stuff (Zone Order, Zone Names, Splash Screen Implementation, sprite implementation via HEX editing)
      The Game Apologist - Giving me the conviction to give Silver Sonic justice.
      Silver Sonic - For being a cute little Sonic robot!
      Graphic Credits:

      Roebloz: Making the player sprites out of Cancer Edition's spritesheet and vanilla S1 Sonic's sprites, recoloring most of the sprites to fit the palette, making said palette, making the ending, life icon title screen and signpost Silver Sonic art. (Also making the Green, Orange and Blue recolor of Mario)
      TheLesha: Implementation of all sprites into the ROM via HEX editing (Except for the player sprites)
      Cancer Edition: Making the original Silver Sonic spritesheet that was used as base for most player sprites.
      Dolphman: Custom Sonic Mega Drive-style Eggmobile sprites.
      MarkyJester, mrcat-pixel and Cinossu: Splash screen and SHC logo
      Unknown: Custom SEGA Letters, not included with spritesheet.
      Master Emerald Sprite - Mod.Gen project
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