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Roblox Titanic – ROBLOX

Check out Roblox Titanic. It’s one of the millions of unique, user-generated 3D experiences created on Roblox. Roblox Titanic is a sinking ship simulation where you are put to the ultimate nature vs human test. Roleplay with your fellow passengers, spot the iceberg, be risky as the ship sinks to earn points, save people with the lifeboats. Make your own story of how you survived the Roblox Titanic.

Xbox support temporarily disabled until it is going to be completely reprogrammed

You can look around in first person again (glitch fixed)

Join the Virtual Valley Games group for update info!
Remember to favorite and drop a ?

Vote in-game for next round sinking animation Titanic (1997 film) or 2012 sinking theory

Player Point Leaderboard (1000 Risk = 10 | 10 Life = 1 when

RobloxTitanicHD hashtag on twitter
Twitch /virtualvalleygames

Scripting: TheAmazeman
Ship exterior and sound effects: InYo22
Ship interior designers: mister_titanic44 (without the _) and AricsuI
Music: Kmansong2
Special thanks to Simbuilder

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