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Jogando: Roblox – PARQUE AQUÁTICO !! (Roblox Water Park)

Roblox – PARQUE AQUÁTICO !! (Roblox Water Park)
Game is under moderation review due to a filtering error, it will reopen within a day or two, very sorry! -You can now click on players with boomboxs to mute/unmute THIS GAME IS SOUND HEAVY, PLEASE RAISE YOUR VOLUME A LITTLE FOR THE BEST EXPERIENCE. Added teleporters, adjusted gamepasses, and working on a new slide area. Press [F] to enter or leave slide mode -Move the mouse to look around when in slide move -[Q] and [E] tilt your screen when sliding -[W] [A] [S] and [D] turn your screen like the mouse does Welcome to the ROBLOXian Waterpark, this is a social chat room to meet new friends, explore areas, and spend some time with the strange NPCs.
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