• Toon Cup Game

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Toon Cup Game

Nome do Jogo: Toon Cup Game

Descrição: Play Toon Cup 2013 and compete for your country in the Cartoon Network Toon Cup Championship! Choose your Dream Team and pick any character from your favourite shows. There are 18 toons to choose from and 6 brand new ones, including Princess Bubblegum, Rook and Feedback. Play on a bigger pitch for some slick passing moves and the new shooting system will make sure you bust through the back of the net. As if that wasn't enough, we've kept all your favourite power-ups like Hyperspeed, Shields, Banana Skins and Oil Slicks. Toon Cup 2013 is bigger, better and more exciting than ever! So help your country become Toon Cup Champions and play Toon Cup 2013!
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Video do Jogo: Aviso: O vídeo tutorial pode não aparecer em alguns jogos.

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