Slender 2D

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Descrição do Jogo:

    • This is Like a Parody of Slender(the game made by Parsec Productions ) but in 2D(?). I didn't expect to much views, I developed games just for fun and as you can see I don't write very good English(? xD!
      So sorry if I can't reply all. I know this game is not perfect, I made this in 8-10 days.
      mmm.... I forget what I have to say... well later I will modify this(? xD!
      Are you Reading this ? Are you Reading this?, I mean who read This ?! How dare you? lol, I'm crazy again,...
      Yes ! I made It! Front page!
      I can put anything here, Right?
  • Jogar :
    • Walk with the arrow Keys or WASD.
      Run pressing SHIFT.
      When you see arrows up or down press up or down to change the map.
      To collect the pages put the character next to them.
      If you see Slender Man RUN!!!
      Change the Quality pressing Q if you see the game is too slow
      Is recommended of you RUN all the time(SHIFT)
      Remember you Have to Escape From Slender Man!

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